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What To Expect From CISG

The following are the terms, definitions and service expectations you can expect from CISG.


Calibration: The process of adjusting an instrument or compiling a deviation chart so its reading can be correlated to the actual value being measured.


Documentation: With your calibrated instrument you will receive:

  • Certificate of Calibration showing traceability to National Standards
  • Calibration data
  • A calibration label attached to the instrument showing the calibration date and calibration due date


Work Report: if your instrument required repair you will also receive a detailed description of the work that was performed.


In Tolerance: Instrument under test is within the acceptance criteria as specified by the manufacturer or the customer.


Out of Tolerance: Instrument under test is not within the acceptance criteria as specified by the manufacturer or the customer.


As Found = As Left: If the Instrument under test is found In Tolerance and no adjustments are made, only As Found Data will be recorded, there will be no As Left data recorded.


Repair Quote: If an instrument is received with the understanding that a repair is required, CISG Ltd will provide a Repair Quote with detailed costs. It is important to note that an evaluation fee for this service may apply.

In the event that your instrument is found Out of Tolerance and extensive adjustments or repairs are required, you will be notified by fax or email explaining the failure and requesting authorization to complete the adjustment / repair. A minimum assessment charge will be applied.

An instrument may fail calibration and you may choose to have the unit returned not repaired and not calibrated. You will receive the Test Data Sheet indicating the readings taken; charges for the time taken to document these readings may be applied.


Calibration Warranty: Calibration is the recording of an instrument’s performance at the time of calibration and therefore CISG cannot warrant an instrument’s calibration over the recommended interval.


Repair Warranty: Standard repair warranty is 90 days on all parts and workmanship.


Batteries: Pending Contract Review, CISG Ltd will replace batteries on handheld multimeters and other similar devices or hand tools to ensure a fully functioning unit during calibration and to avoid early failure in the field due to expired batteries. Check with CISG for details.


Subcontracting: CISG will arrange sub-contracted calibration / repair services for equipment that is not within CISG’s capabilities. Shipping and evaluation fees may apply.


Pickup & Delivery Service: CISG can arrange special pick up and delivery of your delicate equipment. Call CISG for details.


Questions: CISG’s goal is to fully understand and satisfy the needs and requirements of our customers and meet their expectations in terms of order turnaround and delivery. Should you have any special instructions or questions regarding our policies please contact us so we can review your requirements.

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