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E-Cert Program

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The E-Cert program provides you with secure on-line access to your calibration information any time, anywhere.


Description of Terms

View: Click here to view individual instrument calibration details screen. From this screen you can also view the Calibration Certificate and Work Report.

WO #: CISG Work Order Number.

Item #: This number combined with the WO# is the Calibration Report Number.

Tool #: Also referred to as Asset # or ID# – This is the number that is used to trace the instruments calibration to National Standards – If an Instrument does not have a Tool # the instruments serial number will be used. If the instrument does not have any Identification number assigned, CISG will assign a trace number.

Serial #: This is the serial number that is attached to the instrument by the manufacturer. In the absence of a serial number the tool # will be used or a generic number will be assigned by CISG. See Tool #.

Cal’d Date: Date instrument was calibrated.

Cal Due: Date instrument is next due for calibration service.

Manufacturer / Model: The Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Model Number.

Device: A generic description of the test equipment.

Shipped: This is the date the instrument was shipped from CISG Ltd. If the field indicates N/A the device has not been shipped.

Status: The current status of the equipment as described below.


Instrument Status Types

Active: An instrument currently in use and requires calibration recall.

Scrapped: An instrument which has been deemed unusable or no longer exists.

Stored: An instrument currently not in use and doesn’t require calibration recall.

On-Hold: An instrument that can not be calibrated at this time but still requires calibration recall.

No Cal: An instrument which does not require calibration recall.


Show Equipment Options

Select from the drop down menu and click “Search”

Active Items Only: Displays equipment with a status of “active” only.

Overdue Items: Displays equipment with a calibration due date of less than today’s date.

All History: Displays all equipment ever calibrated by CISG for your Company.

In Progress: Displays equipment currently at the CISG lab and is in progress.

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