Consulting Services

CISG’s Consulting Group specializes in the management of large-scale engineering projects, particularly in the fields of electrical power, control systems, as well as commissioning and performance testing. CISG Consultants have over 80 years of business experience, a mature staff of highly qualified personnel and a proven track record of performance.

Leaders in the large industrial, hydro-electric and other industries, clients are choosing CISG Consultants as the optimum solution to achieve regulatory compliance, advance productivity and assure quality record management.

CISG understands their customers’ needs to maintain customer satisfaction while controlling and economizing on expenditures. CISG team leaders and field-testing technicians provide skilled and efficient services that enhance their customers’ reputation while maximizing their profits.

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1091 Monaghan Rd.

Peterborough, Ontario


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Local: 705.748.5225

Toll Free: 1.800.419.3419

Fax: 705.748.4559

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